Rainbow Six Siege operators that will never be nerfed: Kapkan

Published: 07:02, 05 October 2022
Updated: 19:25, 05 October 2022

Throughout the years, the formula that has shown to be unbreakable with Siege was always related to the simplicity of the gadgets and how big of an explosion they make. 

There are a few moments in Siege that bring players joy that cannot be matched or found in any other game. The snapping of a Welcome Mat, a perfect C4 kill, or a clip-worthy ace are all moments that make Siege the enjoyable game that it is. 

One operator that will always bring a smile to the player's face is our next entry into the hall of fame of operators that cannot get nerfed, Kapkan. Kapkan is a two-speed, two-armour defender whose purpose is to find the most inconspicuous door or window to place his traps on. 

He was released alongside a few of our previous entries, Sledge and Fuze , as one of the original ten defenders of Siege or one of the initial twenty operators of Team Rainbow. 

Kapkan is part of the Russian Spetsnaz CTU and much like his comrade Fuze, he comes equipped with far too many explosives for one man to carry. The elegant solution to this problem is screwing those explosives into door frames and using them as booby traps.

 Upon release, Kapkan was equipped with 3 EDDs that would instantly kill anyone who would come into contact with its laser. Later, Kapkan received 5 EDDs for the price of their instakills being nerfed down to doing 60 damage per trap. 

Steam Kapkan used to instantly kill anyone who would pass through his traps Kapkan used to instantly kill anyone who would pass through his traps

In order to offset this change, Ubisoft has made the EDDs laser invisible, forcing attackers to actively look for Kapkan's traps or risk being blown up (potentially by multiple traps in the same frame). 

 Aside from the heavily punishing gadget, Kapkan is equipped with the 9x19VSN submachine gun, SASG-12 semi-automatic shotgun, the PMM and GSh-18 pistols. On top of the practically recoilless SMG and a pistol hitting for over 60 damage, he gets a choice between more killing power (in the form of a C4) or helping his team with rotations (via Impact Grenades).

With this many things working in Kapkan's favour, it's really difficult to see how his popularity could ever dwindle in the Siege community. 


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