Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Solar Raid top 10 attackers to play

Published: 16:56, 31 December 2022
Even though Finka is the only attacking healer, she is not that present anymore
Even though Finka is the only attacking healer, she is not that present anymore

Rosters change from season to season and with over 60 operators in total, it is hard to know who to bring in order to be ready for everything the enemy team has to offer. This article goes over the top 10 operators in Operation Solar Raid.

Rainbow Six Siege is considered the most tactical shooter game on the market. While most compare it with Valorant , it is hard to get an idea of how much more thought has to go into picking the 5 operators to go into the round with.

The following tier list rates the top 10 attackers according to their utility, gadget, frag potential and contribution to the team. These operators are present in the majority of the matches that Gold or Platinum players play.

1. Ace

Ace is currently the best breacher bring due to his ability to safely open up reinforced walls without a lot of hassle. While Thermite does make a bigger hole in the wall in less time, he is easily countered by Bandit while Ace does not face this issue. Additionally, Ace is equipped with the best rifle in the meta and a claymore, making him an operator with very high frag potential and an overall good flank watch.

2. Maverick

Even though Maverick was nerfed in the recent patch where his frag grenades were taken away from him, he is still hard to counter because, well, his gadget doesn't have a counter. He pairs well with breachers and operators who have throwables and grenades and makes wall opening as easy as pie.

3. Twitch

Twitch has stayed consistently present in all of the metas since Year 1, the reason behind it is the insane frag potential that the F2 has and the amount of intel gathering and utility denial her gadget can do.

4. Fuze

The patch where Fuze's cluster charge got the ability to penetrate reinforced surfaces is where Fuze became relevant again. Being equipped with the same rifle as Ace and the ability to clear multiple rooms of enemy utility makes him one of the more liable picks for every attacker roster.

5. Iana

While Iana's ability is not the best in the game, her loadout makes up for what her ability lacks. Both of Iana's guns are very accurate and give her high frag potential. Those paired with her very valuable grenades make her one of the best entry fraggers in the current meta.

Ubisoft Iana's potential is only recognized in higher ranked lobbies Iana's potential is only recognized in higher ranked lobbies

6. Osa

Osa's shield has pushed Montagne out of his spot in the meta and given it to her. Anything bulletproof that gives any form of intel is very valuable in R6S and the additional ability to move the shield whenever Osa wishes to has made her one of the most important operators in the game.

7. Gridlock

Gridlock is an operator with a lot of crowd control power as well as post-plant area denial but due to her weak loadout, she is not picked as often as she should be. Her gadget that deals damage when in contact with an enemy pairs really well with Gridlock's smokes and a friendly Glaz who can get an easy pick off through the smoke. 

8. Hibana

Once Hibana got the ability to change her X-KAIROS - a where she can switch between 2,4 and 6 pellets, she became the best hatch, shield and Castle barricade destroyer in the game. While she was originally released as a breacher, her shift to utility deniers has made her so much more powerful and an ideal pick for most sites that have hatches over them.

9. IQ

With the introduction of Solis, it is crucial for the attackers to bring IQ mainly due to her ability to scan every electronic the defenders have, including phones, Vigils backpack and Solis' SPEC-IO. An IQ in a lobby where Solis is present can change the outcome of the game completely.

10. Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi has one of the worst load-outs in the game with no ARs or pistols. Her primaries are the iconic BOSS-G that players mainly use to mess around and get nasty kills and a DMR that will underperform in most gun fights. Taking all of that into consideration, her gadget is powerful enough for the players to still pick her and ignore the lack of frag potential.


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