Rainbow Six Siege back to basics: Aim and Recoil

Published: 06:33, 06 October 2022
Kali testing out her new sensitivity on spawnpeeking Jäger mains on Coastline
Kali testing out her new sensitivity on spawnpeeking Jäger mains on Coastline

After seeing many people struggle to adapt to the new changes and even dropping entire divisions, others have risen through the ranks to take their spots, all thanks to the change made to recoil.

With the introduction of Grim , Ubisoft  has decided to level the playing field by reworking the recoil of every gun in Rainbow Six Siege . This has prompted players from across the board to adjust their muscle memory to the new patterns.

Welcome to the series dedicated to teaching new and old players the basics of Rainbow Six Siege that can make or break rounds and even matches. Lesson one, how to click heads.

The article will cover different aspects of the game that can affect a player's crosshair placement, recoil control, and consistency.

Setting up your DPI

Firstly, before even queueing into a match, figure out what DPI you are most comfortable with. DPI preferences differ from player to player and if you are unsure what DPI suits you, go for the DPI the majority of players prefer, this tends to be between 400 and 800.

Check your in-game sensitivity 

Once you are set with your DPI, remember to check your in-game sensitivity settings for the various magnification levels to further fine-tune your ability to flick and control your guns. Sensitivity settings usually consist of vertical and horizontal sensitivity as well as ADS settings that you can either keep uniform or individually adjust to your preferences. 

It's important to remember that when adjusting your DPI, you need to stay patient and consistent in order to get frags. This is where the shooting range and Training Grounds come into play. 

Ubisoft It is an unspoken rule to kill an injured enemy with a pistol It is an unspoken rule to kill an injured enemy with a pistol

Time to practice

The shooting range is perfect for familiarizing oneself with the recoil pattern of a gun. While it is perfect for this purpose, it is not the place where you will learn how to use your gun. 

Once you've gotten a feel for your weapon, it is time to move on to the Training Grounds game mode. Here you can utilize your newfound control and get used to the practical application of your weapon in firefights against the AI.

To set up the Training grounds with a focus on improving your aim, start off by removing large maps such as Hereford Base, Tower, and Fortress from the map pool and stick to smaller ones like House, Coastline, and Oregon. 

Set the difficulty to hard or realistic and the game mode to Elimination or Defuse Bomb. This setup will provide you with less forgiving AI and more than enough enemies to practice your aim on. 

Wherever you are aiming, aim higher. In a one-shot-headshot game like Rainbow Six Siege, always try to hit where it hurts the most.


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