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Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft reveals Grim, the Y7S3 operator

Published: 12:31, 22 August 2022
Rainbow Six Siege - Grim
Rainbow Six Siege - Grim

Grim is the latest addition to the colourful roster of operators in Rainbow Six Siege, coming in Y7S3, with his gear and gameplay impact now officially revealed.

Grim's particulars have been known for a long time before Ubisoft revealed his trailer, courtesy of the never-ending leaks coming for all of the company's games, including Rainbow Six Siege .

Now the leak has been confirmed as correct, thanks to the official overview of the operator from Singapore.

He will be a member of Nighthaven and will possibly expand on the storyline where Rainbow and Nighthaven clash over their differences.

Grim is a one-armour, three-speed attacker who is generally good at gathering intelligence thanks to his main gadget. Speaking of which, the gadget is called Kawan Hive Launcher and it will fire a projectile that will unleash a swarm of tiny drones that ping enemies they encounter.

That said, the "bees" do not actually move - the swarm will remain in the same spot and enemies walking through them will be revealed. Enemies moving out of the swarm will still remain visible for a limited time until the bees fall off. 

The canister that was launched can be destroyed by explosives but the bees themselves can't be shot off once they are on an operator. Instead, one can use built-in counters like Mute's jammer or Vigil's cloak to get rid of the effect.

As far as the main weapons go, Grim can wield 552 Commando or SG-CQB shotgun as primary, with P229 as the sidearm.

Side gadgets include Breach Charges or Claymores, allowing the player to choose whether they want to focus on breaching or herding the opponents into kill zones.

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