Rainbow Six Siege operators that will never be nerfed: Fuze

Published: 07:44, 04 October 2022
Updated: 07:47, 04 October 2022
Picture of Fuze from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Fuze is the only operator capable of breaking (pretty much) everything in Rainbow Six Siege.

Even after 7 years of killing innocent hostages and teammates alike, Fuze has not aged a bit and has stayed the same operator that we knew and loved on release. 

While updates and patches can make or break operators, Fuze is the only operator capable of breaking (pretty much) everything in Rainbow Six Siege

Welcome to the third entry in the series dedicated to operators so immune to Ubisoft nerfs, that only a direct hit from the Delete Key would bring their presence down in the meta. 

Today's spotlight shines on Fuze , a three-armour, one-speed attacker armed with enough explosives to make small countries shiver at the sight of him. His kit consists of both hard and soft breaches to compliment his cluster charges (because who doesn't love more explosions), as well as an AK-12 and 6P41, a ballistic shield, and a selection of versatile sidearms.

As one of Siege's pathfinders, Fuze has only seen positive changes in spite of having arguably the best assault rifle, LMG, and pistol as weapon choices. The only way to effectively counter his gadget, the Cluster Charge, is the classic 'click-heads' play or a lucky C4. 

While his weaponized hockey pucks give Fuze incredible killing power, the actual strength of his gadget comes from his ability to clear entire rooms worth of defender utility from relative safety. 

On top of this, a well-placed Cluster Charge forces defenders to abandon key positions or risk being an easy pick.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege - RIP Defenders...and probably hostages. Rainbow Six Siege - RIP Defenders...and probably hostages.

Fuze is nicely complimented by operators such as Jackal, Nomad, Gridlock, IQ, Dokkaebi, and Lion as they either reveal enemies or limit the defenders' movement, keeping him safe and effective as he is deploying his gadgets. 

Once Fuze's job is done, the attackers don't have much separating them from collapsing onto vulnerable defenders and taking over the site. While situationally there may be better picks, Fuze has been destroying gadgets and killing hostages since day 1, and he is all out of gadgets.


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