Mortal Shell: How to turn off controller vibration

Published: 04:10, 02 January 2023
Cold Symmetry
Mortal Shell - Feel like trembling? Maybe your gamepad does
Mortal Shell - Feel like trembling? Maybe your gamepad does

One of the most asked questions after the recent Mortal Shell giveaways has got to be about shutting down the vibration in controllers and thankfully, it's not hard to do it.

Epic Games Store recently gave away Mortal Shell for free which will most likely result in an influx of new players, many of whom will join with gamepads since soulslikes often feel better with that type of input.

Unfortunately, just like many other games these days, it has the vibration, or rumble, turned on by default and you might be wondering where you can turn it off since the options menu doesn't convey the option's name very well.

Vibration or rumble is called Force Feedback in Mortal Shell for some reason and the feature can be toned down or turned off in Options under the Gameplay tab.

Cold Symmetry Mortal Shell options screen Mortal Shell options screen

You will need to scroll down a little but you will find Force Feedback Scale slider just under Camera Shake Scale slider.

That way, you can either have less vibration or turn it off completely if you move the slider completely to the left until the value reaches zero.

On that note, you can also turn off the Camera Shake since those like it are few and far between. After all, it was the forced camera shake that was a major turnoff for countless players who tried Lords of the Fallen.


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