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GTA Online discounts and bonuses this week, December 29, 2022

Published: 05:09, 30 December 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - A new bike was made available on December 29, 2022
GTA Online - A new bike was made available on December 29, 2022

It's time for the final round of bonuses and discounts in 2022 for GTA Online and Rockstar didn't manage to impress.

GTA Online has introduced a new bike, the Western Powersurge, which will set you back $1,605,000. 

Other than the somewhat meek bundle that will act as the Rockstar 's New Year gift, the week seems pretty barren but at least there is one thing that can be crossed off the drip-feed list.

The snow will stay for another week so make sure you have your AWD vehicles ready somewhere, they are more reliable than FWD and RWD ones in such driving conditions.

Weekly featured vehicles include:

  • Simeon's showroom - Kamacho, Futo GTX, Dubsta 6x6, Brawler, Outlaw
  • Luxury autos - GP1, Powersurge
  • Podium vehicle - Adder
  • Prize Ride - Hellfire
    • Challenge: Top three in Pursuits, three days in a row

Bonuses for the week:

  • X2 GTA$ and RP
    • Drop Zone Adversary Mode
    • Ron Contact Missions
    • Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Tahoma Coupe GTA Online - Tahoma Coupe

Weekly discounts:

  • Hangars and renovations
  • Kamacho
  • Trophy Truck
  • Dominator GTX
  • Futo GTX
  • Stinger
  • GP1
  • Dubsta 6x6
  • Blazer Aqua
  • Volatol
  • Pyro
  • NX-25

Prime Gaming subscribers get $125,000 for logging in at any time during the week. Keep in mind the cash will take some time to arrive to your Maze Bank account.


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