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Epic Games Store free game, December 28, 2022

Published: 01:58, 27 December 2022
mortal shell screenshot showing dark dungeon
mortal shell

Epic Games Store is giving away a souls-like close to the New Year's Eve, with only one giveaway remaining before we jump into 2023.

Epic Games Store free game for December 28, 2022, is Mortal Shell by Cold Symmetry .

Following the fantastic shooter giveaway on December 27, EGS is diving into the souls-like territory one day later with a game that some might find a bit weird as it's not the usual recipe in the genre.

Players will take control of the Foundling, the protagonist that takes control of various "shells" which are basically meat suits in armour.

Each shell features different stats that accommodate several playstyles, such as tank, jack of all trades, special attack enthusiast or "rogue".

While the innovative approach and the attempt to shake up the formula was welcomed by some players, others found a few issues with its short length, leaving them feeling the bang is not worth the buck.

Since you will not be paying anything to pick the game up from EGS on December 28, that shouldn't be an issue and this should generally constitute a good addition to the library of those who like a challenge.

Then again, some players did feel bosses could be tougher but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it would be unfair to judge it before trying it out.


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