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Lost Ark players can now claim a New Year gift

Published: 04:56, 30 December 2022
Lost Ark New Year festivities
Lost Ark New Year festivities

Lost Ark has a New Year surprise for the players and they can now claim it.

Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios announced that Lost Ark players can now claim the New Year and Christmas gift which contains a few useful tidbits.

The gift was sent during downtime so anyone who logs in until March 15, 2023, will receive the rewards, which is a quite generous window to claim the gift.

As such, there is no need to hurry in order to get it but keep in mind that only one character per account can claim the reward.

The gift contains:

  • 100 Ancient Platinum Coin (each coin contains 20k silver)
  • 10 Collective Battle Item Chest
  • A Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest
  • 100 Pheons
  • 10 Magick Society Special Dye Chest
  • A Mokoko Skin Selection Chest with 4 new options

Smilegate Lost Ark roadmap teaser Lost Ark roadmap teaser

Battle Item Chests are random initially while an additional bundle of these chests will appear later on to make sure everyone gets fully geared up with battle items of all types.

Overall, it's a helpful little crate of goodies, one that might even save you some change if you were going to spend money in the shop previously, or just let you allocate it to something else.


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