Diablo IV - How to track quests through journal

Published: 23:12, 03 June 2023
Diablo IV - how to track quests
Diablo IV - how to track quests

Finding a journal in games where you can track your progress and see which quests you follow seems like an easy task, but Diablo IV is not a regular game. If you have trouble locating a journal in Diablo IV, this guide could be of help.

Diablo IV , the newest Blizzard Entertainment action RPG, is a game of a few words, meaning it definitely won't hold your hand and every now and then pop up some tutorials to teach you how to do things; instead, you are going to need to figure them out on your own.

One such in-game mechanic that isn't explained at all is the quest system, where it is left to players to figure out how to track quests after they locate them hidden all over the game's vast world. 

If you are one of those players who wonders how to track all accepted quests through the in-game interface, do not despair; we have a solution for you.

How to track quests in Diablo IV

Every single quest you find and accept will be shown on the map, and that is well known. If you need to discover something, then only general directions will be shown on the map. But what about the list of those quests? Where to find them? Well, the answer is really too simple.

AltChar Diablo IV - The journal will emerge when you press the left arrow on D-Pad Diablo IV - The journal will emerge when you press the left arrow on D-Pad

Open the in-game map and notice a well-hidden menu on the right side of the screen. Simply press the left button on the D-Pad, and that action will bring the journal to the screen. Inside the journal are all the main and side quests you accepted, as well as the option to track new quests and abandon the ones that are already tracked.

Choose whichever quest you see fit to follow, and you are good to go.


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