Diablo 4 - How to beat Astaroth as necromancer

Published: 12:39, 05 June 2023
Diablo 4 - How to defeat Astaroth
Diablo 4 - How to defeat Astaroth

Beating Astaroth, the resurrected demon, can pose a challenge even for hard-core Diablo fans. In this guide, we will show you how to beat this formidable foe easily while playing as a necromancer.

Diablo 4 , the latest action RPG from Blizzard Entertainment , is jam-packed with all kinds of monsters to fight and dangerous boss fights as well. 

One of the very dangerous bosses you will have to fight during the story mod as part of one main quest will be a resurrected demon called Astaroth, who will march into the battle riding a three-headed, fire-spitting beast.

Since this boss fight can be very challenging, even for hard-core Diablo fans, we've prepared a guide on how to easily beat Astaroth, but only with the necromancer class, since that's the class we chose to do our first playthrough with. If you share our choice and play necromancer too, this guide can help you a lot.

How to beat Astaroth playing as necromancer

Astaroth is an ancient demon that folks from Scosglen managed to imprison a long time ago, and now that the evil has risen again and he has been awoken, our hero must step up to turn the odds in favor of the light once again.

To win this fight, you must move all the time, meaning you shouldn't use the classic attacks because those attacks will put you in one place and leave you open for Astaroth's attacks. The best strategy would be to choose the Bone Spear ability and upgrade it to the maximum; one attack will cost around one third of your essence bar. 

Attack Astaroth three times and wait for the essence to refill again, avoiding being hit by the fireballs he is throwing at you and the fire-spitting attacks from his mount.

AltChar Diablo 4 - Astaroth's mount is very dangerous Diablo 4 - Astaroth's mount is very dangerous

Your undead minions will play a crucial role in this fight. Let them attack Astaroth, and also don't worry about their health; soon, they will be destroyed, but it will buy you enough time to land a couple of ranged attacks on your foe.

When they all die, use a special power that can be obtained in abilities called Army of the Dead. This power will send a rain of exploding corpses towards your enemy and also revive all your minions. The cooldown for this ability is 60 seconds; this is exactly how much time your minions will stay alive and distract Astaroth while you hit him from distance.

This method might be long and tedious but it is highly effected. Once you kill Astaroth, you will gain some nice gear and also be able to continue through the story.


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