Caliber: BOPE operator abilities and weapons

Published: 07:51, 30 May 2023
Updated: 08:13, 30 May 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - COPE collection symbol
Caliber - COPE collection symbol

Abilities and load-outs of the operators from the newest collection in Caliber were revealed a little bit ahead of time.

Caliber  is getting four new operators from BOPE on May 31, 2023, and while 1C Game Studios will reveal them officially one day earlier, they already gave all the juicy info away during a stream.

This includes the weapons and activated abilities for Martelo the assault, Barreira the support, Acai the medic and Cacador the marksman.

As previously teased, the operators are quite niche but some parts of their kit look very powerful.


  • Primary weapon - IMBEL IA2
  • Secondary weapon - Taurus PT92
  • Gadget - Ram
  • Ability - Chop

This assault rifle has a massive range, with damage dropoff starting only at 38 meters. With fire rate of 10.5 RPS and damage to body/head of 20 / 32, you can reliably take down supports and marksmen that you didn't close the gap on just yet.

Ram can be used to break covers or hit operators at close range. Affected operators are Suppressed, Disoriented and Slowed for five seconds and take 45 damage. 

Chop executes enemies instantly so you don't have to be stuck in that animation for too long. It can be used to deal 30 damage as well as some bleeding in melee range.

Taurus PT92 is just a run-of-the-mill sidearm, nothing to write home about. Deals 22/41 damage at six RPS, damage dropoff starts at 20 meters.


  • Primary weapon - HK21
  • Secondary weapon - Taurus Raging Hunter
  • Gadget - Stimulant Box
  • Ability - Sieve

HK21 damage is 20/24 and it shoots 9.5 rounds per second, with damage falloff starting at 54 meters. Additionally, Barreira always carries his shield which covers his torso and the lower part of his head which will likely make up for the low DPS.

Taurus Raging Hunter is a new revolver, exclusive to BOPE support and marksman and it is effective up to 30 meters where it can two-tap most operators, provided you land headshots.

Stimulant Box is exactly what it says it is - Barreira deploys a box of stamina consumables for the entire team to interact with. Restores 145 stamina.

Activating Sieve changes HK21's fire mode to a three-round burst and it starts penetrating cover and shields. Damage through cover and shields is reduced by 40 per cent.


  • Primary weapon - Sawed-off shotgun
  • Secondary weapon - Taurus PT92
  • Gadget - Pneumatic Ampoule Launcher
  • Ability - Reloading

This shotgun deals 14x16 damage to the body and 17x16 to the head. It is very powerful, with high one-shot potential up to 15 meters but only gets seven shots in total.

Considering his secondary is a PT92, Acai will be ineffective at ranges longer than 20 meters.

Pneumatic Ampoule Launcher (PAL) will be used to heal allies for seven HP per shot by shooting them. You can also shoot enemies, who take twice as much damage in a small AoE.

Reloading will heal Acai for 40 HP and replenish the ammo for the PAL.


  • Primary weapon - HK PSG-1
  • Secondary weapon - Taurus Raging Hunter
  • Gadget - AM-637 Grenade Launcher
  • Ability - Eagle eye

PSG-1 is a semi-automatic weapon that shoots 2.45 RPS and deals 48/105 damage, with dropoff starting at 70 meters. The best passive ability to pair with this one is Archer's AP ammo.

The revolver will keep the marksman effective at lower ranges as well as it can take down enemies in two headshots (69 damage) or one headshot with two body shots for a TTK that is one second or lower.

AM-637's name is misleading since it launches barbed wire rather than grenades. Operators that step on the wire are slowed by 90 per cent for five seconds but it remains to be seen whether it will easy to spot someone who walked into it.

Eagle eye places Marked on all enemies in Cacador and his teammates' line of sight for six seconds. Enemies that were marked this way will take 10 seconds longer to revive.


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