Atomic Heart - road to Platinum Trophy

Published: 15:47, 30 May 2023
Atomic Heart Platinum trophy guide
Atomic Heart Platinum trophy guide

Unlocking the Platinum trophy in Atomic Heart is a time-consuming but very satisfying effort that will let you experience this game from a whole different perspective. Here is how to obtain it properly.

When Atomic Heart first came out three months ago, obtaining Platinum was impossible due to probably the most broken trophy list ever experienced in video game history. 

Some trophies were unobtainable due to the broken trophy counters, while others were unlocked even without doing what you were supposed to do to unlock them. In short, total mess.

After the game's update, most of the trophy-related issues are fixed, but still, obtaining Platinum for Atomic Heart poses a very big challenge for all trophy hunters. Since I like challenges and also consider myself something of a trophy hunter, obtaining this shiny little PlayStation  virtual trinket became my obsession, and after 93 hours spent with agent P3 exploring an alternate Soviet Union, I can say that the effort was considerably worthwhile. 

If you want to add this Platinum to your Platinum collection, these are the best tips on how to unlock all the trophies and become the pride of the motherland.

How to unlock the Platinum trophy for Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has 42 trophies in total: 30 bronze, 8 silver, and 3 golden trophies, and as the reward for unlocking them all, you will get the Platinum trophy, The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes.

The biggest problem with this Platinum is that it has so many missable trophies, meaning if you miss picking one of the collectables, you will not be able to return to that specific area later because this game's open world is severely limited.

If you didn't play Atomic Heart earlier while its trophies were broken and this is the first time you are playing it, then I have good news for you: the platinum trophy can be obtained on only one playthrough if you know exactly what to do and where to go while playing the game for the first time. If, by any chance, you played the game earlier, the best course of action is to start a new playthrough.

A very large number of bronze trophies will be story-related, mostly for finishing one portion of the game or killing bosses, so you won't have to worry about them. There are, however, two bosses that you have to kill in specific ways, and these are Hedgie, the ball-shaped robot that you must fight inside the arena, and Belyash, the robot you fight just before the theater level.

AltChar Atomic Heart - some trophies will require you to kill enemies in a specific way Atomic Heart - some trophies will require you to kill enemies in a specific way

To unlock the "Strike" trophy, you will have to kill Hedgie without firing a single shot. To do that, simply lure it to the statues that emerge after you shock them with your glove. The "Chop Chop Chop" trophy is rewarded to you after you kill Belyash using only melee weapons. I wish you luck with this one because, even on the easiest difficulty, the frustration is guaranteed.

Also, play the game on Peaceful Atom; trust me on this one, you will have enough challenge even on the easiest difficulty.

The other three trophies you should keep an eye on are the crafting-related ones. For the "Weapon Master" trophy, you will have to create five types of weapons. For as long as you keep looting everything your scanner detects, you will eventually come across the weapon blueprints, which will allow you to craft new weapons. Craft all of them, and besides the Weapon Master trophy, you will also gain the "Lord of War" trophy, the one for collecting all weapons. 

The Chemist trophy will be awarded to you when you craft consumables of all types, so this one is also related to crafting. You should also know that most of the blueprints are located within the chests located mostly in the safe rooms in Vavilov Complex, the first in-game area, so do not miss any of these chests. Also, if you miss a blueprint in one location, it will respawn in the other chest, so just keep looting.

AltChar The crafting-related trophies in Atomic Heart are pretty simple The crafting-related trophies in Atomic Heart are pretty simple

The other miscellaneous trophies, such as Bellow Zero, Assimilation Procedure Interrupted, and Bull's Eye, are very easily obtainable; you just have to follow the trophy description to the letter, and the trophies will be yours.

One trophy that will probably cause the biggest frustration is "Apple Pie," where you will have to collect all the apples located inside Limbo. To avoid frustration, follow my simple advice. Once you reach the submarine with the torpedoes emerging from it, go all the way to the side of the submarine to avoid being launched in the air; it won't kill you, but you will have to climb the submarine all over again, which is very tedious. 

The apples are pretty easy to find because they glow red. Count how many you picked because the count is still busted, but if you pick all of them, the trophy will pop up.

Three trophies that are collectables-related are the most time-consuming ones, but I won't write about them; go check out two of our guides on how to find all chirpers and how to speak to all the dead in Atomic Heart. As for the third collectables-related trophy called Scanner, you will have to scan all enemies. This one is easier than the two previous ones because you won't miss any enemies in the game; as long as you scan each of them, the trophy is yours.

AltChar The Apple Pie trophy in Atomic Heart was glitched but is now unlockable even though the counter still doesn't work The Apple Pie trophy in Atomic Heart was glitched but is now unlockable even though the counter still doesn't work

There are also three trophies related to the testing grounds in Atomic Heart. The first one is Explorer, which rewards you after you find all the testing grounds in the game. Since all testing grounds are located within the open world section of the game, it is impossible to miss any of them; just follow the map, and you are golden.

The other two, More Than Profit and Clean-up, are for finding all lootyagins (the bronze, silver, and golden chests located inside each of the testing grounds) and completing all the testing grounds. Once you complete them all, the trophies are yours.

To unlock arguably the most difficult trophy in Atomic Heart, you will have to finish the game on Armageddon difficulty, which could be a real nightmare. However, if you want to avoid the frustrations, follow our guide on how to unlock this very challenging trophy easily .

Also, on the very opening level of the game, Chelomey, you will have one missable trophy to obtain called "How Can I Help You? In one of our guides, we covered this trophy earlier. This is how to unlock the "How Can I Help You?" trophy .

Although unlocking Platinum for Atomic Heart can be a very tedious and time-consuming effort, by unlocking it, you can become one of the rare game owners—only 0.6 per cent of them—who unlocked this Platinum trophy.


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