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World of Warships shuts down CIS servers, here is how to transfer

Published: 00:49, 13 October 2022
World of Warships - A plane taking off from an aircraft carrier
World of Warships - A plane taking off from an aircraft carrier

Wargaming announced that the CIS servers for World of Warships have finally gone down and provided instructions on how to keep playing it.

World of Warships has pulled the plug on the CIS server and you probably already know the reason but just in case it's not clear to someone, Russia's invasion of Ukraine caused a whole lot of companies to cease operations on its territory, Wargaming being one of them.

With the servers down, the players who enjoyed the game from the CIS territory could think they are in a pickle with no way out but there actually is one.

Wargaming warned about the server shutdown ahead of time and outlined the plan that will let the players keep at it - by transferring to another server.

Upon logging in, WoWs will ask the player to transfer their account to European servers and upon agreeing to do so, they will be able to continue. 

Wargaming World of Warships - Submarines are the start of a series of updates in 2022 If you transfer to EU, you will get to enjoy the submarines properly. Or rage quit because of them

If the data transfer is agreed upon, the player can then add any missing information and hope that there are no further conflicts with their account.

These conflicts can happen to be:

  1. Having an account on EU servers already
  2. Having an account with the same email as the CIS one

In both cases, the system will ask the player to change their data and upon doing so, they will be cleared to play on EU servers.

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