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Warhaven, looking like F2P For Honor, enters playtest phase

Published: 11:06, 12 October 2022
Warhaven - Mass battle erupts
Warhaven - Mass battle erupts

For Honor may have entered the realm of obscurity these days and it looks like Warhaven is looking to fill that spot on the market, albeit with a flashier appearance when you look deeper.

Warhaven looks like a game that was originally modelled after For Honor but Nexon then took cues from other media, including anime, Overwatch and the Battlefield series.

That sounds like a lot to unpack but it ends up being quite simple actually - the appearance and some of the gameplay is clearly inspired by For Honor in the beginning with various knights duking it out on a merciless battlefield.

However, you will soon be introduced to Immortals, as soon as you charge up your ultimate, which is done by dealing damage to the enemies and presumably healing allies, depending on your class.

Once you pop the ulti, you will be transformed into one of the Immortals that look like they've been plucked straight from an anime with distinct features that are often seen in Korean or Japanese fantasy media.

All of these characters will be utilised in different game modes, including Onslaught which is basically Conquest from the Battlefield games. 

Players don't need to waste time capturing objectives closest to their base initially since each team gets three captured points at the start, with two in the middle of the map being contested, leading players into conflict immediately. 

This mode is played in teams of 16 which is quite the step up from the modes in For Honor, making it another way for Warhaven to distinguish itself from the more down-to-earth ancestor.

You can now sign up for beta access at no cost and check the game out to see whether you'll like it.

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