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World of Warships: How to see and destroy submarines

Published: 21:11, 07 October 2022
World of Warships - Submarines in action
World of Warships - Submarines in action

Submarines are a new threat commanders in World of Warships will face on the naval battlefield so here is a quick orientation guide on what you can do against them.

Submarines in World of Warships take the role of the stealthy hit-and-run vessels that will undoubtedly be a source of major annoyance for the ships above sea level but Wargaming didn't hang the other players out to dry.

Each ship class has a way of deploying depth charges which are the main way of dealing with submarines. Destroyers are best equipped as they already have depth charges in their arsenal, along with some light cruisers.

Battleships and other cruisers can call in depth charge airstrikes which is obviously not as good as launching charges from a destroyer's aft but it can get the job done.

Aircraft carriers have automatic depth charge airstrikes which should mean an even faster way to deal with the subs.

Depth charges are worthless if you don't know where the submarine is though. In order to spot them, you can keep an eye for any sonar pings that are emitted by the submarines themselves. Their torpedoes will be inaccurate without the pings so it's almost guaranteed you can spot these in every match that has subs in it.

Keep in mind that you can also damage them with explosive ammunition fired in their vicinity and ram them, should they be close enough.

Wargaming World of Warships - Submarine sonar pulse and the location of submarine are both visible in this image World of Warships - Submarine sonar pulse and the location of submarine are both visible in this image

After a submarine gets damaged, it will leave an oil spill behind which will be a dead giveaway to its position.

If you want to take a more active approach to finding the subs, you can use the Hydroacoustic Search consumable that will detect submarines which you can hunt down.

If all else fails, you can always hope your team's submarine commanders are better than the opposing ones but leaving your fate to the mercy of a random player's skill is a risky move.

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