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League of Legends bugs at World Championship are getting out of hand

Published: 00:10, 12 October 2022
Updated: 00:12, 12 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Azir Gravelord skin
League of Legends - Might as well have stayed buried beneath the sands Azir

Even after disabling Orianna, League of Legends World Championship 2022 is plagued with bugs that had varied amount of impact on the games they appeared in.

Riot Games disabled Orianna in League of Legends World Championship 2022 until further notice because of a visual glitch that showed her ultimate getting activated in the wrong place but not long after, we witnessed multiple bugs that had a functional effect.

Interestingly enough, two bugs happened in matches where TES was present, with one bug playing against them and the other one benefitting the team.

The first bug happened in the match against DRX where the Korean team ganked TES' top laner, Wayward, whereupon Gnar threw his boomerang at Jax, at which point it decided not to return the way it came but inexplicably switch the trajectory .

As a result, Jax was hit with the third stack of Gnar's passive, slowing him and dealing damage which eased the gank that resulted in Wayward's demise.

In the match against Rogue, Malrang and Trymbi almost killed TES mid laner, Knight, who managed to  cast the Azir ult while mid-air . This isn't supposed to be possible but it happened and he successfully escaped. Rogue won in the end but this could have been a pivotal moment.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Darius Dunkmaster skin G2 vs JDG summary: Dunk denied

Perhaps the most controversial bug out of the bunch is the one that happened in the match between G2 and JD Gaming. In the final team fight, BrokenBlade's Darius was about to dunk an enemy who got killed before he managed to get the execution.

In normal circumstances, Darius' ulti would not go on cooldown but in this case it did . Whether having the ultimate for the rest of the fight would have changed anything remains dubious as JDG's victory in that fight was decisive but the bug could prevent an otherwise legitimate game-turner.

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