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World of Warships celebrates Lunar New Year

Published: 06:24, 20 January 2023
World of Warships Lunar New Year celebration
World of Warships Lunar New Year celebration

World of Warships is celebrating the Lunar New Year but also adding a lot of content that is unrelated, which will stay past the celebration.

Lunar New Year celebrations in World of Warships will include the addition of The Age of Sa Zhenbing collection which will detail the Chinese admiral's exploits. 

Players can grab the elements of the collection from certain Containers and get several prizes, from a day of Warships Premium to obtaining the commander himself.

Containers in question can be acquired through combat missions, daily random bundles and purchases in the Armory and Premium Shop. Wargaming also noted Mid-Autumn Festival camouflages for Dunkerque, Prinz Eugen, Kaga and Warspite have all been updated.

Meanwhile, three new battleships are available in Early Access. These US hybrids will have a main batter artillery with good range and squadrons of bombers and can be purchased or found at the end of the premium battle pass.

A version of Dirigible Derby temporary battle will see Airship Escort that will have ships duking it out in 12v12 and is open to all ships in Tiers from VIII to X. Each team will be escorting an indestructible airship along a fixed route and should it reach the destination, the team that pushed it wins. Alternatively, players can annihilate the opposing team to achieve the same result.

Finally, there is the addition of Japanese cruisers on the tech tree with good concealment and high-damage torpedoes as well as another season of ranked battle that is arriving soon.


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