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World of Warships gets a graphics update on four maps

Published: 17:25, 18 April 2022
Updated: 17:27, 18 April 2022
World of Warships
World of Warships

Wargaming announced improvements for a total of four maps in World of Warships and showcased them through a trailer.

World of Warships is evolving once again, this time around with additional eye candy. The devs updated four maps in total - Tears of the Desert, Trap, Warrior's Path and Solomon Islands.

The changes are mostly reflected in saturation, making the maps look more vibrant, which is evident on Trap more than anywhere else. That said, the devs have also added better textures and changed the weather, visual effects, underwater world and plethora of other details. There are no mentions of the underwater world containing a flagship that was recently promoted to the submarine class though.

Aircraft camouflage will now match that of the ship it takes off from and the change seems to be global, with aircraft carrier squadrons, fighters, spotting aircraft and Airstrike flights getting direct mentions.

On top of the map changes, there is also a bunch of ships that received visual improvements, including:

  • X Forrest Sherman
  • X Grosser Kurfürst
  • X Puerto Rico
  • X Thunderer
  • X Zaō
  • X Somers
  • X Worcester
  • IX Jutland
  • IX Neustrashimy
  • IX Friesland
  • IX Friedrich der Grosse
  • VIII Massachusetts
  • VIII Orkan
  • VII Haida
  • VII Nueve de Julio
  • VI Dido
  • VI Karl von Schönberg
  • V HSF Hiei
  • V Hill
  • III Valkyrie
  • III Vampire
  • I Eritrea
  • I Hashidate
  • Eagle

The update has gone live on April 18, 2022, and is available to all players at no extra cost.

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