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Submarines arrive to World of Warships for the stealth enthusiasts

Published: 01:02, 07 October 2022
World of Warships - Submarines have arrived
World of Warships - Submarines have arrived

Submarines have arrived to World of Warships, marking the fifth class that will be playable in the game.

Wargaming has updated World of Warships with early access to submarines, which should put an interesting spin on the meta and established tactics. 

The class will likely be welcomed by those who are looking to avoid destroyers but it will also be quite innovative, which is an attribute that will attract numerous fans.

For example, submarines are armed with torpedoes only, meaning they lack various armaments that would be available on other ship classes but the torpedoes do have different variations.

Hitting targets is not a simple case of shoot and forget as torpedoes are semi-aimed. First, there is the part where the submarine actually shoots out a torpedo but it then has to be zeroed in by a sonar pulse that will navigate the ordnance to the target.

Being stealthy and underwater doesn't mean the submarines are unstoppable. Every other ship class has a way of deploying depth charges which will be the primary way of dealing with subs.

On top of that, the submarines can be damage by firing explosive weapons from surface into the water and should the need arise, along with favourable positioning, ramming a submarine is also an option.

Initially, there will be only American and German submarines, with the latter being able to stay underwater for longer periods of time while the former recharges the diving capacity faster.

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