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Need for Speed: Unbound graffiti effects can be turned off

Published: 12:53, 12 October 2022
Need For Speed: Unbound - Graffiti effects
Need For Speed: Unbound - Graffiti effects

One of the selling points and most controversial features in Need For Speed: Unbound will have a way to cater to both sides of the audience.

Listening to fans is in short supply when it comes to the video games industry these days, mostly because the players' wishes often clash with the executives' desire to squeeze every last cent out of each title.

Thankfully, it appears that the graffiti effects in Need For Speed: Unbound are not a part of some monetisation scheme since EA and Criterion agreed to give the players the ability to completely toggle them off.

The news wasn't announced in a big feature reveal for the game but rather in a silent follow-up to a trailer on Twitter where the post claims that players can turn the effects off and even choose to never put them on in the first place.

Interestingly enough, the statement said this is "just like any other part of a car" but it would be hard to imagine a race of you never put wheels or brakes on in the first place.

Reddit Footage that is apparently showing the next Need for Speed game with the cartoon elements Graffiti effects were a point of contention ever since the first leaks

Without diving too much into technicalities to troll the devs, this is great news for the NFS fans who have been worried that the effects might ruin their experience.

After all, the game has a lot to offer, including a massive list of 143 cars to choose from.

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