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World of Warships: US and German submarine comparison

Published: 11:17, 09 October 2022
World of Warships - Submarines in action
World of Warships - Submarines in action

World of Warships is filled with submarines now but there are some key differences between the US and German ones which could give you an edge on the battlefield.

World of Warships ' introduction of submarines is still at the grassroots level, with many nations' vessels still being content that will arrive in the future as US and German subs take centre stage for the time being.

Among these two origins, the submarines have different strengths and weaknesses, meaning you will need to pay attention to their quirks so they can fit your playstyle.

As such, here is a quick rundown of each group's attributes which are usually mirrored versions of each other.

German submarines

German subs have a quick sonar reload, meaning the pings can be used more often to navigate the torpedoes but they will also expose your position more frequently. Furthermore, the ping spread is narrow and its movement speed is slow.

However, you can avoid detection due to the high range of acoustic torpedoes in these subs, making these subs great for long-range shooting. If one projectile doesn't do it, many will, and these subs allow you to do that with the shorter time to load a full salvo.

One more element that helps German subs remain stealthy is the higher dive capacity so they don't have to resurface as often but it regenerates slowly so these pauses will have to be pre-planned to avoid being easy prey.

In the way of the consumables, these submarines have access to Reserve Battery Unit that allows them to stay underwater for longer periods of time while enhanced Submarine Surveillance will work at longer ranges.

Wargaming World of Warships - Submarines have arrived World of Warships - Submarines about to replenish their dive capacity

American submarines

American subs have a slow sonar reload but the pings move fast and the ping spread is wide. When these submarines shoot, they make it count.

On top of that, they have a higher number of stern torpedo tubes as well as longer range and damage for alternative torpedoes, which makes them focus on more than one type of naval warfare.

Unlike their German counterparts, these submarines don't focus on salvo loading as they have increased reload time for single torpedo tubes.

While they can't stay as long underwater due to lower dive capacity, theirs recharges faster and the Enhanced Rudder Gears consumable allows them to dive quicker after a topside refresh.

Improved Hydrophone consumable has a longer scanner range and quicker reload time, allowing you to spot ships at surface and periscope levels precisely and frequently, without alerting them to your intentions.

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