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World of Warships: Legends brings additional ships for Halloween event

Published: 20:19, 04 October 2021
World of Warships: Legends
World of Warships: Legends

Wargaming is preparing World of Warships: Legends for the spooky holiday as the players are getting a shot at a bunch of new ships and themed environments.

Update 3.7 brought a bunch of new content to World of Warships: Legends , including the Halloween theme that is staying for a while in honour of the spooky event at the end of October. 

Speaking of which, the event will be separated in two parts, the first of which is already underway and will be going on until October 17, 2021. It's bringing back the Saving Transylvania mode where the players will need to battle Rasputin and his minion in order to get Transylvania through the Portal.

The second part will kick-off as the first part finishes and it will feature A Light in the Dark, progressing the story of Transylvania further. Players will need to close the Portal for good this time around.

Halloween events will feature unique prizes, including premium ships such as UK battleship Bellerophon at Tier 3 and Italian cruiser Genova at Tier 4. Other rewards will include themed commanders, crates, camouflages and more.

The update also brings more Red Navy ships, such as:

  • Cruiser
    • Tier 4
      • Kotovsky
    • Tier 5
      • Gorky
    • Tier 6
      • Tallinn

They will come with special missions and the branch will be searchable in the next update when Tier 7 Riga arrives. 

Additionally, ther update features quite a few balance changes and quality of life improvements, which you can check on the official 3.7 patch notes .

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