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Valorant - Return of Split, Smurfing punishments and Chamber nerf

Published: 23:40, 30 November 2022
Chamber's high presence keeps putting him under the ban hammer over and over again
Chamber's high presence keeps putting him under the ban hammer over and over again

The map poll will be getting a new addition and Chamber's high presence has caused him to be the centre of the developers' attention, he will be seeing a lot of new changes in the next patch (spoiler, they're not buffs).

The Valorant community has leaked some interesting upcoming changes to their favourite Sentinel , Chamber, as well as the return of a much-missed map, Split.

Riot is yet to confirm any of these changes, but here is what we know so far. This Friday, a lot of changes will be introduced to the PBE and one of the changes will be tied to the map rotation. The community speculation is that Split will take Ascent's spot in the poll since the E-Sports side of the community has voiced their concerns regarding that map.

The Chamber changes are not specified but it is heavily hinted that they will knock Chamber off the spot of the agent with the highest presence in the game. Community speculations are that his teleport will either be permanently stuck in one spot, similar to his trip, or he will have to use his teleport in a similar way to Jett's dash.

The community hopes that this won't happen as it'll completely transition Chamber from a Sentinel to a Duelist

Riot This man just cannot catch a break This man just cannot catch a break

The leak also mentions some changes that will affect smurfs in a form of penalties and punishments as smurfing has become a very common occurrence in the lower rank lobbies.

Smurfing is a big problem and what makes it even worse is the fact that it is normalized by big content creators and competitive players as a form of entertainment for their fans and has not been addressed up until this point.

Lastly, the Night Market will also be going live with the release of the leaked patch.


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