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Valorant - Chamber will be getting another nerf

Published: 19:20, 18 November 2022
Chamber is carrying himself like a champ, given all these nerfs
Chamber is carrying himself like a champ, given all these nerfs

The curse of every character in any game is that if they are a fan favourite, they are threathened by the nerf hammer. This time, Chamber is on the chopping board yet again. What will it be this time?

Since his release, Chamber, Valorant 's most popular Sentinel and the most popular Agent overall has seen many nerfs and changes and has continued to dominate with his presence and overall performance. Riot tried to decrease his pick rate by buffing Cypher and Killjoy, but they were unsuccessful.

With the release of the latest patch, patch 5.10 , it has been announced that Chamber will be getting yet another change but it has not been specified what the change will be.

The community has some ideas, but at this point, Chamber is walking a fine line between being a Sentinel and a Duelist .

Upon release, Chamber needed 7 Ultimate points to get his Tour De Force, you could purchase two Trademarks (his C ability) for 200 each with a massive radius and his Q ability, the Headhunter, cost 100 per bullet. Lastly, the Rendezvous (His teleport E ability) had a cooldown of only 20 seconds.

Riot So much kill potential in one image So much kill potential in one image

Even with every single one of his abilities nerfed and changed in some way, Chamber was still the top-picked Agent in Valorant Champions 2022 with a pick rate of 67.44%.

The community suggested a change similar to that of Jett's Dash or a rework to his Ultimate where he would only get 2 bullets but every kill would give him a bullet back.


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