Valorant: How to play every agent class - Duelists

Published: 08:19, 12 October 2022
Updated: 18:01, 12 October 2022
Last thing you see before you die
Last thing you see before you die

The community's favourite Valorant role has finally gotten its 5 minutes of fame and its personal guide. This guide is for the duelists who forgot their place and purpose, we are here to refresh their memory.

Agent 20 is as good as here and sadly he will not be joining Valorant 's biggest group, the Duelists, on their way into the site. 

As usual, we shall mention the four main roles that the agents are grouped by: Sentinels , Duelists, Controllers , and Initiators.

A Duelist is an agent who is meant to push first into site and get first blood for their team. These agents are the community's favourite role to pick as they are the go-to agents to solo queue with and get frags, frequently ending up on top of the leaderboard.

Riot has introduced six agents with this role into Valorant, these being Reyna, Phoenix, Yoru, Jett, Raze, and Neon.

Riot What happens if you don't follow in after your ability What happens if you don't follow in after your ability

Duelists are aggressive players that take enemies head-on and initiate firefights, usually by creating an opening for themselves to rush into the site and get an early advantage. They are equipped with utility that largely differs from agent to agent but all of it is made with only the player in mind.

Even with very different abilities, the formula for executing a successful push is the same. Throw out your ability, and follow in right after it. Giving the enemy time to react to your ability will nullify its purpose.

Whether it's Raze's boombot, Jett's smoke, Yoru's clone, Reyna's eye, Phoenix's flash, or Neon's concus, it is important to run in right after its initiation, as long as the execution or the placement of the ability has gone according to plan. This way the Duelists have the best chance to capitalize on their abilities.

 A duelist relies heavily on their gunplay so practice your recoil control and crosshair placement at the Range (tap, don't spray).

A defending duelist does not peek attackers as they are about to push but instead, they will try to delay the push with their abilities until the whole team regathers and repositions themselves (Raze's grenade or Neon's stun are great for this).

Riot Reyna leading the charge as she naturally does Reyna leading the charge as she naturally does

Be the first to push, use your abilities, and please don't bait your teammates. Duelists are meant to play aggressively and do not have to wait for anyone to push before them.

Initiators and Controllers are your best friends, keep them in mind while pushing and make sure to coordinate your attacks and let your Lineup Larry Viper know what you want to do.


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