Valorant: How to play every agent class - Sentinels

Published: 07:05, 11 October 2022
Updated: 23:34, 30 November 2022
Is Chamber a Sentinel or Duelist?
Is Chamber a Sentinel or Duelist?

Though seemingly just another shooter on the market, Valorant fields many agents, all with distinct play styles and key elements. Find out just what will make an agent tick for you.

Since its launch, Valorant has introduced 19 playable agents, with the 20th on its way . Every agent is equipped with a unique kit and role. 

Riot has grouped the Valorant agents into four different roles: Duelist, Sentinel, Controller , and Initiator. All of these roles will be discussed in detail, so let us get into it.

A Sentinel is an agent who is equipped with abilities that can block off entry points or make them difficult to go through. Their abilities excel at setting up flank watches if they are on the attacking side. 

Agents with the sentinel role are Chamber, Sage, Cypher, and Killjoy. The community is torn as to whether or not Chamber should be considered a Sentinel or if the duelist role fits his aggressive playstyle better but that topic will be covered later.

Sentinels tend to be the operators who stay back on site and keep control over it or watch the team's back as a push is being executed. Their playstyle is not very aggressive and they are very utility and setup reliant. 

The good thing about sentinels is that they are very new-player and solo queue friendly. A perfect example of this is Sage, the most newcomer-friendly agent since the release of Valorant. 

Riot Killjoy, the mstermind at work Killjoy, the mastermind at work

Sentinels can use their kit selfishly and only use it on themselves (selfheals, personal flank watches) or they can use it for the benefit of the team by setting up all over the site and working with other teammates.

The best example of the two different play styles a sentinel can take on is the 'Battle Sage' and the 'Pocket Sage'. A battle Sage will push with her team and play aggressively, blocking off areas behind her with her wall as she pushes in. 

Battle Sage will prioritize healing herself over healing others as that will give her a better chance of challenging enemies and working towards getting her ult.

The pocket Sage is a more timid player who follows other players (usually Duelists) and uses her utility on them so that they can clear areas and secure kills.

Use your utility on areas where enemies will be caught off guard and are put into a situation where they have no other choice but to expect a gunfight (Long corridors and lines of sight, corners, and areas where gunfights tend to occur).


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