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Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm bug will take a while to fix

Published: 15:49, 27 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Quicksilver Storm
Destiny 2 - Quicksilver Storm

One of the coolest weapons Destiny 2 has had to date is bugged in PvE and it will take quite a while until the issue is addressed it seems.

Destiny 2 is most well-known for silky smooth gunplay and fantastic creativity in weapon design as far as the positives go and Lightfall's poster child, Quicksilver Storm, is a good example of why.

Unfortunately, Bungie overlooked some issues this auto rifle has and it is currently suffering from a bug that causes it to not gain the usual 40 per cent damage increase against rank-and-file combatants. In simple words - it doesn't do more damage to AI enemies with red health bars even though it's supposed to.

The issue gets further complications as the weapon loses another 10 per cent damage from its Kinetic property once you apply the Catalyst, due to the damage type switching to Strand.

Considering the weapon is tied to the $100 edition of the game, this caused friction with the players who are unhappy that one of the reasons they splurged is not working as intended.

According to Bungie, the issue doesn't have a simple solution, which means it will be a while until the fix comes along, despite being made aware of it on the day of release.

The team didn't provide an ETA for the fix but there are some theories on why it may be bugged. Quicksilver Storm basically has an underbarrel grenade launcher so simply slapping a 40 per cent damage increase on the weapon would mean some pretty big numbers when the explosives are launched.

Then again, the damage bonus only works against red bar enemies, which get one shot by them in any case, so this theory is likely incorrect. In any case, those who wish to use it in PvP should have no issues and having the weapon deal Strand damage in PvE can benefit Strand builds greatly as it can spawn tangles and even suspend enemies.


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