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BioShock Infinite has turned 10 years old

Published: 12:48, 27 March 2023
BioShock Infinite - Columbia
BioShock Infinite - Columbia

One of the shining gems in 2K Games' portfolio has turned a decade old and frankly, it looks just as good as the day we first laid eyes on it.

Art style's importance keeps getting emphasised in the age of strides in visual fidelity in video games as it becomes clearer that having cutting-edge graphics isn't all it's cracked up to be.

BioShock Infinite is a great example as the game turned 10 years old on Sunday, March 26, 2023, and it still looks as gorgeous as ever.

2K Games pointed the anniversary out on the official Twitter, which caused a flood of nostalgia and, we have no doubt, many reinstalls as fans wanted to experience the feeling of adventuring in Columbia once again.

While the beautiful art style of BioShock is a thing to remember, it isn't the only breakthrough the devs made at the time. Pretty much everyone found Elizabeth to be one of the best companions to ever happen in a video game.

Back in 2013, friendly NPCs that tagged along were often just dummies that we needed to babysit and make sure they didn't get themselves killed but when Infinite rolled around, it turned the tables completely.

Besides being well-written, her AI was highly impressive and she proved helpful on more than one occasion. After all, a pile of loot would remain not retrieved if not for her helping hand.

All those years and AI advancements later and video games are still struggling to actually make helpful NPCs, often cutting corners so much that they break immersion and ruin a mission attempt quite frequently.


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