Valorant: The team composition that will work on every map

Published: 10:46, 15 October 2022
The valorant agents during their warm up session
The valorant agents during their warm up session

Valornat, unlike Rainbow Six Siege, has a very straightforward formula for success. No, it is not to "click heads" and be good, but it is definitely easier than that.

Riot has grouped Valorant 's agents according to their purpose in the field. The community has decided that that is not something they follow when composing their team.

When loading into a match, the team has a maximum of 60 seconds to talk to their team and figure out who will play what. New players will focus on playing a Duelist , Sentinel or whatever role their favourite character has. 

Higher-ranked players focus on the abilities of their agent rather than the role the agent is meant to play. So, what abilities does the perfect team have?

Instead of directly naming the agents that will fit these positions the best, we will only name the ability, every agent that has that ability will work perfectly fine.

An agent with smokes and an agent with flashes should be an absolute must-have for every team and they should be the first two on the roster. The third spot should be reserved for an agent that has a drone or any form of intel-gathering ability

The last two spots are reserved for two flexes. One flex should be an agent that excels on the map that is about to be played and the second flex should be an agent that is currently good in the meta.

Riot One of these agents is not good at their role, do you know who it is? One of these agents is not good at their role, do you know who it is?

A lineup following this rule set would look something like this:

Map is Bind 

  1. Brimstone for smokes
  2. Skye for flashes 
  3. Fade for drone
  4. Neon for first flex
  5. Chamber for second flex

Map is Breeze

  1. Omen for smokes
  2. Kay/O for flashes
  3. Sova for drone
  4. Viper for first flex
  5. Raze for second flex

This is what the upper echelons of the Valorant's ranks tend to follow and it draws a parallel to Riot's other massive game, League of Legends , where the higher the elo the bigger the requirement for the team plays rather than individual performances. 


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