Valorant: How to play every agent class - Controllers

Published: 07:06, 11 October 2022
Updated: 17:27, 12 October 2022
Viper is one of the more iconic and lore rich Controllers
Viper is one of the more iconic and lore rich Controllers

Who are arguably some of the most difficult agents to play? Controllers are designed to be the backbone of their team, enabling their teammates to move unseen and gain unexpected advantages. How do they do it?

We are days away from Riot introducing their 20th agent to Valorant and it is time to touch on some game basics.

Firstly, it is essential to mention the four main roles that the agents are grouped by: Sentinels , Duelists, Controllers, and Initiators.

A Controller is an agent equipped with abilities that can block crucial lines of sight. These abilities usually take place in the form of smoke clouds that can be placed where the player finds them to be the most useful.

The controllers are Brimstone, Astra, Omen, and Viper. All of them serve the purpose of allowing the team to push closer to the site and temporarily obscure parts of the map for their team's benefit.

While controllers like Brimstone and Astra can place their smokes wherever they want on the map, Omen and Viper are slightly more limited with their ability placement.  Still, their other abilities make them powerhouses in their own right. 

Riot Brimstone on his way to show the enemies why he's in charge Brimstone on his way to show the enemies why he's in charge

Controllers are not very beginner friendly as their utility requires not only map knowledge and experience but also additional research done by the player in order to execute lineups and properly use the abilities your agent is equipped with. If you prefer running solo or don't like executing strategies with your team, controllers are not for you.

A good controller pays extra attention to the placement of their smokes and makes sure that the smokes block off advantage points for enemies instead of working in their favor. 

Valorant Good(left) and bad(right) smoke placement for defenders Good(left) and bad(right) smoke placement for defenders

Take the time to look up lineups for Viper's Snake Bite and Brimstones Molly for great post-plant situations.

Work with your team and follow the duelists. Before a duelist pushes, make sure to place your smokes accordingly and block off key angles.

Pushing before or without your duelist increases the chances of you being first blood. If you push the site first without giving the duelists a chance to do their part or if you do not utilize your abilities, you're actively putting your team on the back foot.



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