Valorant: How to play every agent class - Initiators

Published: 07:57, 14 October 2022
Sova is one of the few initiators who can do postplant lineups
Sova is one of the few initiators who can do postplant lineups

As the agent class series finale comes to an end, we are left with the last but definitely not the least agent class of the bunch. Initiators are the backbone of your team so it is important to know how to utilize them properly.

Agent 20 has been fully revealed and in a few days, he will be one of the 20 playable characters in Valorant

Riot has grouped the Valorant agents into four unique groups: Sentinels , Duelists , Controllers , and today's topic, Initiators.

An Initiator is an agent who shines more on attack than on defence. Initiators do what their name implies, they initiate battles. While their abilities differ drastically from agent to agent, their purpose is the same.

The initiators of Valorant are Kay/O, Sova, Breach, Fade and Skye. These agents are the crucial element of every team composition. 

Unlike duelists, you aren't meant to throw your utility out and run after it but instead, wait for the utility to give you intel about what the enemies are up to.

 All of the initiators are equipped with some form of a flash or stun to compliment their intel gatherers.

Riot The only initiator with a healing ability The only initiator with a healing ability

The proper way to use your initiator to their full potential is to use your intel-gathering ability (whichever you prefer) and follow it up with a stun. This way you will not only know the position of the enemies, but you will also put them at a disadvantage. 

Make sure to not flash your team as this slows down your push and leaves you and your teammates exposed to defenders with aggressive playstyles.

Do not mindlessly throw out all of your abilities right at the start of the round as the enemies can just wait it out and deny you the opportunity to gain an informative advantage.

On defence, initiators are good for discovering which site the attackers chose to push. While it is never safe for a defender to push approaching attackers, bold initiators can throw out an intel-gathering device with a flash and follow it up with a quick swing to shed some HP but that is not advised in higher MMR lobbies.


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