What to play during the spooky season: Labyrinthine

Published: 08:04, 14 October 2022
If this doesn't look scary, I don't know what does
If this doesn't look scary, I don't know what does

You join a team of 4 to find your way out of a maze as you strive to survive by hiding and running like a true hero from everything the darkness has to offer.

Labyrinthine is a cooperative 4-man maze game with a very nice touch of horror to it, and where there is horror, there is survival.

The game starts off with an easy level that lures the player into the game equipped with a balanced mix of intriguing and challenging puzzles to keep you on edge at all times. 

You cannot fight back but you can use your wit and agility to your advantage to evade the monsters and keep one step ahead of them at all times in order to survive.

The game introduces multiple different monsters in different environments, all unique in their own way. 

What makes the game fun and enjoyable is the cooperation of friends coupled with the horrifying aspect of being chased by numerous types of ghoulish monsters. Make sure to get your squad together to achieve the game's full potential!

We all love a game with good cosmetics, and that is exactly what Labyrinthine is giving us. The player can find different cosmetics within the mazes. 

Steam What a lovely sight to see while running from a monster What a lovely sight to see while running from a monster

The addition of procedurally generated maps to Labyrinthine (called the Case Files) makes sure that the game does not become repetitive or boring as the mazes all change with each playthrough. The story does not offer this feature but rest assured that it is still equally as enjoyable.

Players can rely on compasses' to help them keep track of their path or glowsticks to help mark the areas they've already covered. 

Notes are scattered around that will provide clues and give the players insights into the history and lore of the maze and its inhabitants.

While playing online, your team can be an essential asset if you work together and plan ahead... but staying together isn't always the safest option

Surviving the mazes will require navigation skills, puzzle solving and planning. Do not fall prey to that which awaits in the maze.


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