The Devil in Me - What are the coins and what do they mean?

Published: 00:56, 09 December 2022
Updated: 01:16, 09 December 2022
Every obol has a different value
Every obol has a different value

The coins are called obols and they are a form of currency that is used outside of the game, in the Special Features menu. The Curator loves collecting them and says they are a representation of an old tradition.

The Devil in Me is an item collector's heaven. From collecting clues, business cards and pictures to collecting mysterious coins. But exactly are those coins? The coins are first spotted by Charlie outside the abandoned house up on the cliff and give no explanation as to what they are or where they are used.

The coins are called obols and they are a currency that was actually first introduced into the franchise in the Devil in me. Most of the players are probably confused by the meaning of the obols as collecting them does nothing other than increase a counter that pops up on top of the screen.

They are used for unlocking models in the Diorama's shop, which can be accessed through the Special Features menu. The total amount of coins does not reset with each playthrough so the players can replay the game to find the coins they have missed on their first run.

There are 4 different types of coins with different designs and values.

  1. 1 obol - The coin has 1 dot with a dog.
  2. 2 obols - The coin has 2 dots with a boat and paddle.
  3. 5 obols - The coin has 5 dots with a skull.
  4. 10 obols - The coin has 10 dots with a crow.

The Devil in Me This coin is worth 5 obols This coin is worth 5 obols

The deeper meaning to them isn't tied to the game but rather to the Curator and he strives to collect as many of them as he can. At the start of the game, he mentions a tradition where a coin is placed in the mouth of a dead person before burial as a form of payment for the ferryman Charon, who conveyed souls to the world of the dead across the River Styx.


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