The Devil in Me - Glass trap choices and outcomes

Published: 01:33, 09 December 2022
Who would you save?
Who would you save?

The Devil in Me has a lot of nerve-wracking situations where the players have to think fast in order to save their favourite characters. The glass trap makes the players think of their previous choices in order to get the best outcome.

The Devil in Me is a game that takes not only the narrative-driven gameplay very seriously but it also makes sure that the butterfly effect is heavily promoted throughout the game.

Some characters like Mark , Erin and Charlie are not met with any minor decisions that later affect their story but Jamie and Kate do find themselves in a situation where they not only have to bury the hatchet and work together but also have to be mindful of one choice they've made only minutes before they found themselves staring death in the eyes.

In the chapter where Jamie and Kate plan on trapping Du'Met in his own castle, they discuss which one of them should bring the screwdriver with them when the plan is in action. This is a very crucial moment as it affects the outcome of later choices.

They both imply that the screwdriver is going to be used as a weapon in self-defence to lead the players to think that there will be combat with Du'Met in the near future.

Devil in Me These hints are so minor and easy to miss These hints are so minor and easy to miss

Now, giving the screwdriver to either of the characters will not lock the players out of a good ending but the choices in the second part of the chapter will.

Once Jamie and Kate are in the glass trap, Jamie is forced to make a decision between either getting herself crushed or crushing Kate. This is where the screwdriver comes in handy. 

If Jamie has the screwdriver, she will pull it out and try using it to break the glass. This is done to remind the players which character is carrying the screwdriver. 

If Jamie has the screwdriver, the players should not choose to make the wall go towards Kate since there is nothing to create a pressure point and crack the glass on Kate's side. Making the wall go towards Kate is the right call only if Kate is the one who is carrying the screwdriver.


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