Hogwarts Legacy beginner's guide: Ten starting tips and tricks

Published: 08:19, 08 February 2023
Hogwards Legacy - tips for the beginners
Hogwards Legacy - tips for the beginners

Every game might be complex the first time you play it, but with a few tips, everything gets a lot easier. Here are ten tips for newcomers to Hogwarts Legacy that can be very useful.

They claim that every beginning is challenging. The same can be true for video games, particularly those with a large open world and a ton of content, where we often don't know where to begin. One such game is without a doubt Warner Bros. ' newest RPG, Hogwarts Legacy .

In Hogwarts Legacy, our hero sets off on an adventure as a fifth-year student, and he/she has the entire Wizarding World to explore. As with any game, especially big RPGs, a few pointers here and there would mean the world to gamers who can become confused and, in some cases, even give up on such massive games.

We are here to provide such pointers and help you dive into the world of magic, witches, and wizards without losing yourselves in it. 

Hogwarts Legacy starting tips

Wrap up story missions to get spells

The game is really addictive, especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter. Don't be sucked into the world of research right away; instead, attempt to accomplish as many main quests as possible in order to collect as many spells as possible, because spells are usually earned through main missions.

Sell the gear you won't use

Money plays an important role in Hogwarts Legacy, as it does in practically every other RPG. You will mostly earn money through the trading method. There are many merchants all around the world who sell various goods such as potions, herbs, magic wands, brooms, and so on, and they will also buy the goods from you. So, make frequent visits to sell them the stuff you no longer use.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy - J. Poppins Potions is the store where you'll buy potions, potion recipes and potion ingredients Hogwarts Legacy - Sell the gear you won't use

Don't splash the cash

Make sure not to spend money at the start of the game on new clothes or a brand-new magic wand. These are only for show; you don't need them early on. Exploring the huge world of Hogwarts Legacy will lead you to a wide variety of equipment. That, and you'll need money later in the game to progress through the story. So save your money and thank us later.

Buy a flying broom as soon as possible

Purchase a flying broom as soon as you have the opportunity. Not only will you appear like a true wizard or witch, but it will also serve as an excellent mode of transportation for you. Also, upgrade the broom at least once, as it will considerably improve it.

Revealio, Revelio, Revelio, Revelio

One of the first spells you will learn at the game's prologue will be Revelio, the spell for revealing points of interest around you. Make sure to use this spell as often as possible, especially the improved version once you have the chance to get it. Revelio will help you find some hidden loot chests, but it will also help you solve the puzzles and find hidden objectives.

Altchar Main quests first, exploration later Hogwarts Legacy - Try to complete at least a couple of main quests first to learn new spells, to make your exploration more enjoyable

Learn at least Alohomora One Spell

Do not explore much until you unlock the Alohomora spell. This spell serves as the lockpicking ability, and in order to be able to access all locked areas, you will have to upgrade this spell twice. You can check our guide for unlocking level one and level two of the Alohomora spell .

Don't play on a lower difficulty level

Do not play the game on the story difficulty. Maybe you are one of those players who want to enjoy the game without any combat challenges, which is just fine. That is why there are difficulty levels. But believe us when we say that this game has a really fun combat system, and if you play on story difficulty, it will become a basic bashing of the buttons and you will miss a lot of fun.

Complete Merlin trials to increase your inventory

Most of the game's challenges will reward you with new looks for your character. Merlin trials, on the other hand, differ in that they will increase the capacity of your gear inventory, which is critical given that your gear is the largest source of income in Hogwarts Legacy. So, finish as many of the Merlin trials as you can, once they become available.

AltChar Merlin trials are very important because you will improve your gear capacity by solving them Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin trials are very important because you will improve your gear capacity by solving them

Don't Buy pre-made potions, buy recipes instead

Don't buy the potions, instead learn to make them yourself. As we already mentioned, there are a lot of merchants in Wizarding World, and many of them sell all sorts of potions. Instead of purchasing them, attend a class and learn how to make your own. There are many ingredients in the world; as you play the game, you will come across them frequently, and because the inventory for ingredients is not restricted, purchasing potions is nothing but a waste of money.

Check the professor's assignments to learn new spells

Check the assignments your teachers provide you on a regular basis. When you finish your assignments, the teachers will frequently teach you a new spell, which will undoubtedly make your life as a wizard or witch much simpler.


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