Hogwarts Legacy: Henrietta's map treasure location and puzzle solution

Published: 09:54, 13 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy: How to find the treasure from Herodiana's map
Hogwarts Legacy: How to find the treasure from Henrietta's map

The third treasure map in Hogwarts Legacy is Henrietta's map. In this guide, we will show you how to find the map as well as the treasure by solving it.

Hogwarts Legacy , Warner Bros. Games ' newest RPG, is swiftly becoming one of the most popular games in 2023. All Harry Potter and Wizarding World fans may now enjoy the game that allows them to explore this lovely world at their own leisure.

When it comes to exploration, there is certainly no lack of content in Hogwarts Legacy. Whether you prefer to spend your in-game time seeking collectables, solving trials, breading beasts and making potions, or doing the numerous side quests, you will never be bored in this game.

Finding treasure maps and seeking the whereabouts of the treasures is one of the exciting side content activities in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will help you locate the treasure from Henrietta's map. If you want to know where to locate more treasures in the game, check our guides for Music treasure and Floating candles treasure locations and solutions.

Here is how to find  Henrietta's map treasure

To find this treasure map, you must fast-travel to the Poidsear Castle floo flame and follow the quest marker there. Once you reach the location, the quest will begin with you picking up the map in a tent. The map depicts some ruins, a dragon statue, and the usage of fire and ice spells. You may also view a hand-drawn map of the site, which is identical to the bottom-south section of the in-game map.

The easiest way to reach the treasure location is to fast-travel to the South Clagmar Coast flame and head to the ruins west of there. Check the map below for the exact location.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: The ruins with the treasure are on this location Hogwarts Legacy: The ruins with the treasure are in this location

After reaching the treasure location, enter Herodiana's Hideout, a cave beneath the ruins. Once inside, you'll need to grab two boxes and place them on the plates to open the first door. One box bears a fire symbol, while the other bears an ice symbol. Once you've brought the chests to the plates to unlock the door ahead of you, use the proper spells to activate them.

After opening the door, proceed to the next room, where you will face several enemies. After the fight, approach the dragon statue in the centre of the chamber to begin solving the puzzle.

The solution to this puzzle is pretty straightforward. The treasure map shows which braziers should be lit and which should be extinguished. Because precision is required, use Confringo to light the braziers and Glacius to extinguish those that have been lit incorrectly. If you did everything right, the treasure box should appear behind the statue.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: Use the spell to light the specific braziers Hogwarts Legacy: Use the spell to light the specific braziers

The reward for finding the treasure chest, as with the previous two treasure maps, is the peace from the Treasure Seeker set of gear—the gloves this time. 


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