Hogwarts Legacy: The Well's treasure map location and solution

Published: 16:48, 13 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy: How to find the well's treasure
Hogwarts Legacy: How to find the well's treasure

Finding and solving the treasure maps in Hogwarts Legacy is no easy task. This is especially true for the well's treasure map. Check out our guide if you're having trouble finding it.

If you enjoy travelling in a mythical world full of witches and wizards, unusual monsters, and even stranger flora, where everything is both beautiful and frightening, Hogwarts Legacy is the game for you.

This fantasy action RPG from Warner Bros. has become very popular lately, not only for its "Harry Potter" setting and atmosphere but also for the quality of the game itself and the quality and quantity of its in-game content.

The exploration in Hogwarts Legacy is very intriguing, and the game's world is built in such a manner that players are always encouraged to attempt to uncover something new. When playing Hogwarts Legacy, you'll come across treasure maps that offer you just vague indications of where the hidden treasure could be, and it's entirely up to you to find it and add another treasure to your collection.

We'll show you how to discover the treasure on Well's treasure map in this guide. If you haven't already, you may read our guides on finding the Music map treasure , the Floating Candles map treasure , and Henrietta's map treasure .

How to find and solve Well's treasure map

To begin, travel to Aranshire, a small hamlet east of Hogwarts Castle, and then farther east to the site of the side quest marker. When you approach the marker, you will be asked to converse with the magical well. When you agree to assist the well, you will receive the well's treasure map and activate the side quest, "Well, Well, Well."

This treasure map is likely the most difficult to solve because the landmarks on the map don't tell you much. The map depicts the old ruins linked by the bridge as well as a tree on the bridge's left side. However, one detail that is very easy to overlook shows a small image of a windmill in the back, clearly hinting at the location of the ruins.

The ruins you seek are just southwest of Irondale floo flame, near the entrance to the Moonstone Garden dungeon (it will not be there if you did not access it through a relationship quest).

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: The ruins are there as well as the windmill in the back Hogwarts Legacy: The ruins are there as well as the windmill in the back

When you arrive at this location, follow the map's directions to the left side of the bridge and search for the tree inside the ruins. The Levioso spell symbol may also be found on the treasure map, which means this spell had to be used at some point. Well, this is the point. When you use Levioso on the tree, it will be lifted from the ground, revealing the treasure chest hidden amid its roots.

Approach the chest to obtain yet another piece of the Treasure-seeker's gear, the Treasure-seeker's bicorne hat this time. 


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