Hogwarts Legacy: Map with floating candles treasure solution

Published: 10:39, 11 February 2023
Map with the floating candles - Hogwarts Legacy
Map with the floating candles - Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, treasure maps can be found all over the Wizarding World. This guide will show you how to solve one of the earlier maps you discover in the game, the Map with Floating Candles.

If the exploration of a vast magical world full of things to do and places to go is your thing, then Hogwarts Legacy is the game for you. Whether you play on PlayStation , Xbox , or PC , the splendour of Warner Bros. ' newest RPG never ceases to astound.

By exploring Hogwarts Castle, the cosy village of Hogsmead, or the hamlets and forests in this fantastic world, you will often come across secrets that will require additional brain effort to be solved. One such secret is the map you can find during the early main quest, Jackdaw's Rest. This map can be found during this mission as part of solving Jackdaw's trial, but if you miss it by any chance, it lies in the tower west of Hogwarts Castle.

Once you acquire the map, you will notice some landmarks on it, such as the stone bridge, wooden archway, forest, some ruins, and the magic wand casting the Lumos spell. Now, your job is to find the corresponding place and the treasure that follows. If you don't know how to do it, we have the solution for you.

How to solve the Floating candles treasure map

The location of the place drawn on the treasure map is the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. Fast travel to the Forbidden Forest floo flame location and spot the stone bridge behind you. Go to the bridge, and if it is nighttime, you are all set. If it isn't, change the time on the map to night. Cast Lumos and three floating candles will appear. 

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: If you miss the map during quest, you can revisit this tower to obtain it Hogwarts Legacy: If you miss the map during the quest, you can revisit this tower to obtain it

Follow the candles into Forbidden Forest, and try to evade the wolves if possible, because if you engage in combat, you will have to start all over again. The candles will eventually bring you to a romantic setting with a table, chairs, and floating candles. Once you arrive at this spot, the treasure chest will appear.

As the reward for your little nighttime treasure hunt, you will receive the Treasure Seeker's Scarf.


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