Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood's Trial - Tips and Walkthrough

Published: 18:55, 10 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy: Charles Rookwood's trial Walkthrough
Hogwarts Legacy: Charles Rookwood's trial Walkthrough

There are four keepers' trials in total in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide, we will show you how to successfully overcome the second one.

The basic premise of the story of Hogwarts Legacy , Warner Bros. ' popular Harry Potter setting RPG, is the protagonist's uniqueness and his mysterious relationship to ancient magic, the remnants of which can only be seen by him.

To educate him on how to wield such a powerful force, a group of very old teachers known as the Keepers will put him through four distinct trials to show that he is worthy and responsible enough for such power.

The first two trials are designed pretty similarly, featuring puzzles, platforming, and combat encounters with both regular enemies and boss fights. We've already described how to overcome Percival Rackham's trial , and now we'll try to explain how to beat the second one, which is much more challenging than the first.

Charles Rookwood's trial tips

The biggest challenge, like with the previous trial, will be the change of scenery. When you find yourself in the sections with the archway, make sure to always verify the direction in which you pass through it. In this trial, you will have to climb several objects in order to proceed through the level, and objects seen from a different perspective can change completely.

In this trial, you will have to pull the objects through the archway on several occasions to change their shape. This can be really confusing sometimes, and if you have a hard time finding the way on your own, watch our video to discover how we did it.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy: Pensive Guardian has some new fighting aces up his sleeve Hogwarts Legacy: Pensive Guardian has some new fighting aces up his sleeve

The platforming can be challenging in some sections where you must pull yourself onto the platforms using Accio. Keep in mind that the change of scenery plays the most important role even on the Accio platforms in this trial.

The fight sections are pretty simple, although mind the archways once again. Some enemies can be seen and hurt only from one perspective; from the other perspective, they cannot, but they can still hurt you. Once again, you will fight the Pensive Guardian as the final boss. This one is not as easy to defeat as the last one, but he is still too slow and too predictable.

Once again, if you are having any difficulties overcoming this trial, our video will show you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to finish it in under fifteen minutes.


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