Hogwarts Legacy Alohomora Level 2: Demiguise moons locations

Published: 11:45, 07 February 2023
Updated: 18:00, 07 February 2023
The locations of the first nine easy-to-pick demiguise moon statues
The locations of the first nine easy-to-pick demiguise moon statues

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are three levels of lockpicking spells that you can learn. We will show you where to find the moons to unlock the second level of Alohomora. 

We already showed you how to unlock the basic lockpicking skill in Hogwarts Legacy in one of our previous guides; you can check it out here if you want. But you will have to work a little harder to unlock the upgrade to this very useful spell. 

Most of the collectables in this latest fantasy RPG from Warner Bros. are shown on the map or minimap and are not so hard to find; demiguise moons, however, are nowhere to be found on these maps. To make matters worse, if you're exploring the Wizarding World during the day, you'll most certainly walk right by demiguise statues without even noticing them because they can only be picked up at night. So if you go looking for them, keep this in mind.

Worse, most demiguise moons are concealed behind, you guessed it, level-two locked doors. But do not despair; in this guide, we will show you how to find the demiguise moons that you can actually pick up without the Alohomora 2 spell.

As soon as you finish the first quest for Mr. Moon, he will give you the suggestion to find more of the moons for him so he can teach you the next level of the Alohomora spell. This will start the quest called "The Man Behind the Moons."

Moon statues locations required for Alohomora 2

  • From the clock tower fast-travel point in South Wing in Hogwarts Castle, exit the door behind you and cross the bridge. Continue down the stairs and turn left. You will find two restrooms on your left, one for wizards and one for witches. The hunted one is for wizards, and while inside, you'll notice the sign "Out of Order" on one of the doors. Pass through this door to reach the next room. The first demiguise moon is on your right.
  • To find the next moon statue you must travel to Lower Hogsfield. This hamlet is just south of Hogwarts Castle. In the house just behind the shopkeeper is the second demiguise moon. Unlock the door and take it.
  • Brocburrow is the next hamlet you want to visit to find the next demiguise statue. This hamlet is located directly east of the previous location. The moon statue is in the house located near the merchant stand. Unlock the house door and pick up the statue.
  • The next demiguise moon available for picking early is inside one of the houses in Keenbridge. You can find this hamlet if you travel directly south of Lower Hogsfield, the location of the second moon statue. Use the same strategy to find the house with the demiguise statue.
  • For the next demiguise moon travel to the hamlet Marunweem. This small village is located in a separate region, southeast of Keenbridge. In order to reach this village, you will have to pass through some enemy territory on foot, so prepare to fight or use stealth to avoid the enemies. The first house on the right from the fast-travel point is the one with the demiguise statue. Once you unlock the door, your character will comment: "You are mine now Demiguise." That's the sign you are in the right house.
  • Now, head back to Keenbridge and then head southwest to the hamlet called Irondale. The next statue is there. Once you reach the hamlet, scan the area with Revelio to find the house with the demiguise moon.
  • One of the level-one locked doors hiding the demiguise statue can be found in North Hogsmead. Near the North Hogsmead fast-travel point is a shop called Honeydukes. East of that shop are two houses. Demiguise statue is in the right one.
  • The next statue is in Upper Hogsfield. This hamlet lies on the north side of the map, directly north of Hogsmead. Use the Revelio spell to notice the blue moon in one of the houses. Pick the lock and the statue is yours.
  • The last easy-to-pick statue is all the way north in a small hamlet Pitt-upon-Ford. Once you reach the hamlet, look for the statue in the house close to the bridge.

AltChar Notice the difference between the moon statue during the day and during the night Notice the difference between the moon statue during the day and during the night

AltChar Revelio will show you which house contains demiguise moon statue Revelio will show you which house contains demiguise moon statue

Once you have collected nine demiguise moon sculptures, go to Hogwarts Castle and speak with Mr. Moon. He will give you the Alohomora 2 spell as a reward for the statues you brought him.


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