Best agents to play on Valorant's new map, Lotus

Published: 00:08, 12 January 2023
In Episode 6, Killjoy will be replacing Chamber
In Episode 6, Killjoy will be replacing Chamber

We have tested out Lotus so you don't have to and these are the agents in every class that we have deemed as the best pick for your team in Episode six.

It doesn't take much for the meta of a game to change. The thing that can affect a game's meta can be as simple as a small change to one character's ability. 

For Valorant , the meta change was introduced along with its new map,  Lotus . This article will cover the best agents in every class to play in Episode 6.

We will start off with the Sentinels . Killjoy and Cypher are a perfect pick for this map due to their ability to set up a flank watch and hold corridors. 

Sage is not necessarily a bad pick but she is definitely not a must-have since her wall and slows would not perform as well as other agent abilities.

Chamber would be a throwaway pick due to his state after all of the nerfs. While his trip would be useful for a flank watch, his teleport and ult would leave him in an awkward position more than an advantage.

When it comes to Initiators , Sova and Fade have shown to be incredible picks for Lotus due to Sova being able to counter Killjoy's ultimate with his own ultimate and Fade being able to cover a lot of ground with Nightfall.

Riot Jett on her way to completely remove Chamber out of the meta Jett on her way to completely remove Chamber out of the meta

Kay/O and Breach are also really good picks but not as good as Fade and Sova. Picking them would not necessarily put the team at any disadvantage.

Skye would not be a very good pick due to her not being able to use her abilities and flashes to their full potential.

The Duelists have always been a safe pick when the team is unsure who to bring. All of the Duelists aside from Phoenix and Reyna have shown to perform really well so picking any of them would not necessarily be a bad idea but it would not bring any massive advantages either.

Astra would be the best Controller to bring to Lotus due to the amount of power she holds with her smokes and sucks. 

Omen and Brimstone are okay but Viper and Harbor might not be suited for Lotus due to them being agents who are focused more on retakes or fast pushes and Lotus' layout punishes that instead of rewarding it. 


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