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Valorant - Episode 6 Battlepass features new Venturi skin bundle

Published: 11:53, 08 January 2023
The new battlepass skins are taking two completely different directions
The new battlepass skins are taking two completely different directions

The Episode 6 battlepass will feature a bunch of new cosmetics and aside from the gun buddies and player cards, there will be two new skin bundles. The Venturi skin bundle is the second in the battlepass and this is what we think about it.

The Valorant community is split between two types of players. Those who enjoy skins such as the Blub Blub and the new cat-agent skins and those who enjoy skins such as the Araxys skin and the other battlepass exclusive skin, the Venturi.

The Venturi skin set will be available for the Spectre, the Frenzy, the Marshal, the Vandal and of course as a melee as well.

The skin set seems to be taking a more mechanical and minimal direction, which is the polar opposite of the 9 Lives skins. 

Here at AltChar, we highly appreciate skins that hit all of the right checkboxes and while Venturi might not be hitting all of them, they sure are hitting a majority.

Riot This skin looks so clean This skin looks so clean

Firstly, the Venturi are all part of the battlepass, meaning that for roughly $10, you get a pretty decent amount of cosmetics.

Secondly, the Venturi knife highly resembles the Xenohunter knife if it were made in Cyberpunk, so if you're a huge fan of the Xenohunter, you will love the Venturi.

Sadly the Venturi does not offer any variants or upgrades and the guns that this skin is available for have had better skins in previous battle passes.

We rate this skin set a solid 6.5/10 so if you are a skin junkie, these skins will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


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