Escape from Tarkov - All Streets of Tarkov extract locations

Published: 02:41, 04 January 2023
Make sure to look for the green smoke
Make sure to look for the green smoke

The recent wipe that took place on Escape from Tarkov was one of the most eventful wipes to this date. The new map has kept the player busy looking for loot and all of the extraction points. This are all of the extraction points on Streets of Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov got a few new features added with patch 0.13  and one of them is the new Streets of Tarkov Map. There are currently 6 known extraction points.

1. Scav Checkpoint is located behind a Machine gun emplacement with a pirate skull flag near a big orange building and might not be aa constant extraction point due to not a lot of players being able to find it

2. Courtyard is a timed extraction point and does expire so players might miss it.

3. Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex is not the safest extraction point but it is constant.

4. Evacuation Zone is a constant extraction point that does not expire and can be accessed whenever.

5. Collapsed Crane is also a constant extraction zone that does not expire and gives the players a chance to extract whenever.

Escape from Tarkov The 3D model is not 100% accurate but is still very helpful The 3D model is not 100% accurate but is still very helpful

6. Kilmov Street is an extraction point where the players have to activate a green flare before extracting or entering the area since otherwise they will get executed by snipers. The snipers will stop shooting if the players retreat.

Since flares are not very common, it is highly recommended that players stick to the easier extraction zones such as the Evacuation zone and the Collapsed Crane extraction zone since those make extract planning much easier.

Due to the new map's openness and a large number of "landmarks", learning it and navigating around it is a piece of cake. Additionally. players can find the 3D map at the official Escape from Tarkov fandom page.


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