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What Competitive Division is in Destiny 2 and how it works

Published: 11:24, 21 November 2022
Destiny 2 - Crucible banner
Destiny 2 - Crucible banner

Glory playlist is getting replaced in Destiny 2 next season as the game will adopt a more popular approach to competitive recognition.

Bungie opted to change the way competitive systems will work in Destiny 2  next season while also reintroducing a beloved weapon that was the victim of sunsetting.

Competitive Division is the embodiment of those changes as the game will ditch Glory and have a tiered system instead, spanning across seven divisions in total:

  1. Copper 
  2. Bronze 
  3. Silver 
  4. Gold 
  5. Platinum 
  6. Adept 
  7. Ascendant 

Each division will have three subdivisions, ranging from subdivision three to subdivision one. Promoting between subdivisions will be seamless - as players earn a higher rank, it will simply update.

However, promoting between divisions will require that the player wins a best of three series once they graduate from their current division.

It may sound a little overwhelming at first but it's fairly simple when you get the full breakdown. A Silver player in subdivision three can rank up by winning games and performing well which will lead to promotions to Silver two and Silver one eventually and they don't need to play any special matches to get there.

Rising to the top of Silver one will require them to play a best-of-three series where they need to win two out of three matches in order to get promoted to Gold three, at which point it's mostly rinse and repeat.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Iron Banner Destiny 2 - Iron Banner

The same goes for demoting - losing enough matches and underperforming will cause a player to fall to the bottom of their subdivision and when they get to the bottom of a division, they play a best-of-three relegation series, where they need to win two matches in order to avoid demotion from Silver to Bronze.

Division Rating is what decides whether a player is ready for promotion or demotion. The rate at which it increases or decreases is decided by four factors:

  1. Match outcome (win or loss)
  2. Player's skill compared to their division
  3. Match performance (KDA and objectives)
  4. Player's skill compared to that of others in the match

As such, a single game can result in a high or low jump in rating, depending on the quality of the players one gets matched with.

Gold division and those above it will suffer rating drops on a weekly basis if the player doesn't stay active in Competitive Division.

There are no material rewards for Competitive Division other than bragging rights based on one's rank. Technically, Rose is tied to the playlist but it is earned through a weekly challenge - it is not necessary to climb ranks to get it.

Getting higher in rank will provide a boost to Valor gains in Crucible though:

  • Silver - 10 per cent
  • Gold - 20 per cent
  • Platinum - 30 per cent
  • Adept - 40 per cent 
  • Ascendant - 50 per cent

Therefore, most people will earn more Valor than before so the weekly bonus for it will be reduced to 50 per cent boost rather than 100 per cent.


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