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New mode is coming to Iron Banner in Destiny 2 Season 19

Published: 09:26, 21 November 2022
Updated: 09:30, 21 November 2022
Destiny 2 - Iron Banner
Destiny 2 - Iron Banner

Iron Banner is getting a little shakeup in the next season of Destiny 2 and while Bungie didn't reveal all the details, they gave pretty good hints what it's all about.

Destiny 2 players are desperate for some variety in the existing playlists as Season of Plunder proved to be rather boring in the long run and it appears this notion didn't escape Bungie 's watchful eye.

Besides a fan-favourite coming back through the Competitive Crucible playlist , they are also working on refreshing Iron Banner, which is the celebration of PvP that happens twice a season.

Both the rewards and the featured game mode will get changed so here is a little sneak peek into it.

The new game mode will be called Fortress and the devs didn't give us a full description of what it entails but the vague wording points to it being some sort of a King of the Hill mode where teams are trying to control a single zone.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Taken King Iron Banner armour Destiny 2 - Taken King Iron Banner armour

Caiatl will apparently provide a big spin on the game mode as we can see Scorpion turrets active on the image above. Fortress will arrive to Iron Banner on January 3, 2022.

Auto Rifles and Slug Shotguns from IB are getting new perk rolls which should be a new incentive to farm and the featured armour will be yet another thing that has returned from the past - Iron Banner armour from the era of the Taken King is coming back.

Bungie noted this is some sort of experiment so it's probably a hint at more sets returning, should the community like this one.


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