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League of Legends - Cho'Gath and Nunu will receive massive buffs

Published: 19:01, 10 November 2022
Riot Games
Cho'Gath is finally getting buffed

Riot Games announced some massive changes for Cho’Gath & Nunu. It will come out in League of Legends' upcoming patch. This patch is set to be released on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

As League of Legends season 12 comes to a finish, Riot Games has revealed most of the changes in the next preseason of 2023 . The Chemtech Drake and Chemtech Rift have returned, as have the new ping and voting system and new items.

Although most jungle champions benefit from the adjustments, some champions with smite-like abilities, such as Cho'Gath and Nunu, suffer. Riot Games has opted to improve its composition. These adjustments may appear minor, but they have a significant impact on contesting jungle camps and epic beasts.

Riot August, the lead League of Legends champion designer, announced that Cho'Gath and Nunu will get huge buffs, as they start to be slowly forgotten in the game.

Here are all the Cho’Gath & Nunu buffs:


  • R – Feast: Base damage to non-champs: 1000 >1200

Although Cho'Gath's R ability has little effect on his early jungle clear, it will aid in objective capturing, particularly the Rift Herald.

The newly improved smite takes a long time to reach 1200 damage while Cho'Gath has 1200 R monster damage much sooner; any team contesting Rift Herald and Dragons against him should be nearly impossible.

Riot Games Nunu and Cho'Gath will receive buffs in the upcoming patch Nunu and Cho'Gath will receive buffs in the upcoming patch

Here are  all the Nunu buffs:


  • Q – Consume: Damage to non-champs: 340-980 > 400-1200

Nunu often uses this ability first, and 60 additional damage at level 1 is enormous. Nunu's jungle clear should go much faster, letting him to gank sooner. Furthermore, his early objective-taking pace should improve significantly.


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