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K'Sante is set to receive buffs in the next League of Legends update

Published: 19:01, 11 November 2022
Riot Games
K'Sante - the Pride of Nazumah
K'Sante - the Pride of Nazumah

K'Sante is set to receive a substantial buff to his E ability in the next patch of League of Legends after having a terrible win rate. Riot hopes that buffing his dash will help him become a strong team fighter.

Riot  is continually adding new champions to League of Legends , and K'Sante  is the most recent addition to the already wide field of top lane tanks. This new K'Sante buff will be available in patch 12.22, which is set to be published on November 16, 2022.

There are several reasons why K'Sante's win rate is so low. But the main reason is that his kit is more sophisticated than other tanks'. To begin, despite being a tank, K'Sante's ultimate allows him to temporarily transform into a bruiser while remaining susceptible. 

However, most tank pieces of equipment do not synergize very well with this sort of playstyle. Because of these issues, Riot Games decided to make K'Sante a bit more powerful.

K'Sante's E-Footwork enables him to dash. He acquires a shield for a short time when dashing. He can also rush to the nearest ally. When rushing to a close ally, the dash distance keeps increasing and the adjacent teammate obtains a temporary shield. Riot decided to buff his E ability, here are the changes:

  • K'Sante

           E - Footwork: Dash speed toward allies increased - 1600>1800 

Riot Games Prestige Empyrean K'Sante skin Prestige Empyrean K'Sante skin

K'Sante's standard dash without an ally is 1500. This upgrade makes him more viable as a team fighter than anything else. 

For example, he can be an engage champion or roam the entire match and demolish other lanes when they need assistance. Riot Games hope that this buff to his dash will improve his win rate. 


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