Escape from Tarkov - How to fix stuttering while shooting

Published: 00:01, 15 November 2022
To take this fight or die because of lag?
To take this fight or die because of lag?

We've all witnessed players dying and saying they have lag but their ping is normal. Escape from Tarkov has its fair share of players who experience lag that doesn't come from bad internet and this guide contains the steps to fix that.

For a while now, a lot of the players have complained about Escape from Tarkov having a weird issue causing players to lag and the game to stutter when the player shoots.

Battlestate games did tackle this issue but the solution is very hard to dig up. The following steps will enable you to run your favourite shooter as smoothly as butter.

1. Check if the monitor is connected to the integrated graphics card.

2. Close all running programs.

3. Install Display Driver Uninstaller:

4. Launch the installed program.

5. In the Options window that appears, clear all the checkboxes except those in the "NVidia Specific Options" section.

Escape from Tarkov Forum The settings that should be checked for this fix The settings that should be checked for this fix

6. The checkboxes in the "NVidia Specific Options" section should be left as is: all except Remove PhysX are highlighted.

7. Click "Close" in the "Options" window.8. In the main program window choose "GPU" in the "Select device type" line.

9. In the line "Select device" select "NVidia".

10. Press the "Clean and restart" button.

11. Wait until the program finishes. 

The program will automatically restart your computer upon completion.

Once this is done and your computer has restarted, the lag and stuttering should stop and your game should run as nicely as intended.


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