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Undecember: Diablo clone with worrying rootkit + Solution

Published: 11:54, 15 October 2022
Imagine if this was an Elden Ring boss
Imagine if this was an Elden Ring boss

Undecember has waltzed into the lives of many unsuspecting players and has left a mark to be remembered. nProtect might be lurking in the shadows of your PC but the community has found a fix to exterminate this pest. 

Undecember, developed by Needs Games and published by LINE Games, has been released on October 12th as a free-to-play¸ hack-and-slash action RPG . After realizing that the game itself is not as exciting as its demo, a lot of players have noticed a very interesting app on their computers even after they have uninstalled Undecember.

For those who are struggling to remove nProtect Game Guard, this link includes the instructions on how to do so as well as a further, more detailed explanation of what nProtect is and who is it made by.

The game files have a rootkit embedded into them. A rootkit is a set of software tools that enable an unauthorized user to gain control of a computer system without being detected. The user who gains control is the user who creates the rootkit, in this case, the creators of the software.

A free-to-play game with a massive shop is nothing we haven't seen before, what made this game so different from the others is what lies beneath the surface.

INCA The rootkit in question is represented with this logo The rootkit in question is represented with this logo

It is very important to mention that the rootkit cannot be deleted without having extensive knowledge of not only your software but also other open-source software as well (Linux) and it leaves your computer vulnerable to malware/viruses as well as exposing your private data. 

The players were very quick to point out that this is nothing else other than a pay-to-win Diablo clone. Following a promising demo that intrigued the players and left them wanting more, upon its release, the game ended up being a massive flop. 


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